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Why You Need Hosted Archiving for Social Media, IM, and Texts


Social Media ArchivingBusinesses are increasingly using social media, instant messaging (IM) and mobile texting (SMS) to connect, communicate and engage with their customers  and employees in new and powerful ways. With the widespread adoption of these real-time communications tools, enterprises are realizing an array of benefits that are boosting their bottom lines, but not without challenges.

This increased use of new media in the workplace creates significant technology challenges for CIOs and IT administrators who are tasked with managing this exploding stream of text-based real-time communications.

Network managers are confronted with increasingly disparate and complex IT environments and an ever-growing list of data management requirements to ensure the capture, archival, retrieval and access of these communication logs.

It is important to know that IM, SMS, and Social Media are subject to the same industry and governmental regulations as email, so how do you bring compliance obligations within your reach easily and cost effectively?

Sonian is hosting a complementary webinar to discuss how hosted archiving solutions are helping companies achieve compliance and reduce the cost of e-discovery research and regulatory oversight.

 Sonian IM Archive™ is hosted, easy to deploy, requires zero maintenance, and automatically adapts to the evolving IM, SMS, and Social Media technology landscape.

A hosted archiving solution (like Sonian's) provides you with:

· Unlimited storage at no extra cost

· Lowest cost of ownership in the industry

· Highest security and encryption standards

· Support for Microsoft OCS and all major public networks including Skype

· Support for social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin

· Seamless integration into existing systems

· Multiple deployment options to fit your company’s infrastructure

· Intuitive and secure web-based management console and reporting

· Zero-interrupt archiving

To learn more, check out the webinar:
Social Media Archiving Webinar resized 600

Title:   Why You Need Hosted Archiving for Social Media, IM, and SMS
Thursday, September 23, 2010
11:30 AM - 12:30 PM EDT
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